Oncimmune USA Sold to Virginia-Based Firm

Oncimmune USA, a 25 Under 25® alumnus from 2011, is being acquired by Health Diagnostic Laboratory Inc., a Virginia-based company.

Oncimmune USA, which is a subsidiary of a company based in the United Kingdom, has 25 employees at its lab in De Soto, and they’ll be added to HDL’s workforce of 740.

The two companies have overlapping specialties. Oncimmune is known for its EarlyCDT-Lung technology, a blood test that helps with risk assessment and early detection of lung cancer. HDL has developed a range of tests that show whether a patient has risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses.

As part of the deal, HDL will receive exclusive rights to market and do EarlyCDT-Lung testing in the United States.

“Oncimmune’s subsidiary in the U.S. has been building sales and awareness of the EarlyCDT-Lung test on a steady basis for the past few years,” said Geoffrey Hamilton-Fairley, executive chairman of Oncimmune Ltd. “By licensing our first test to HDL, we have secured access to a distribution channel that will deliver greater volume more quickly and at the same time guarantee sufficient revenues so that the company can accelerate the launch of our other early cancer detection tests.”

The other terms of the sales weren’t released.