Otto Service

Otto Service of Kansas City Inc.

ENTREPRENEURS // Andrew and Terri Otto

LOCATION // Kansas City, Mo.

FOUNDED // 1977


For 40 years, Otto Service of Kansas City Inc. carved out a niche by servicing Hondas and, later, the import’s luxury Acura line.

It didn’t take long for Andrew and Terri Otto to put their own mark on the family business when they bought the shop from Andrew’s father, Alan, in January 2017. One of their first moves was adding Toyota and Lexus to the line of vehicles they service.

“It’s definitely increased revenue,” Terri Otto said. “Customers had requested this in the past. A lot of our customers also own Toyotas or Lexus, so now they can bring all their vehicles here.”

Terri Otto, a former teacher, also updated the shop’s waiting area to include puzzles, books and a play area for children.

“We strive to show our customers that we do not just care for their vehicle, but we also care about them because to us they are family.”