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Porch Light Plans: Home plans offer accessible, sustainable option for buyers

COMPANY // Porch Light Plans

ENTREPRENEUR // Katie Hoke, Jared Hoke, Roy Ley

WHAT THEY DO // Porch Light Plans offers sustainable, customizable house plans that bridge the gap between hiring an architect and using a builder’s home plan.

INSPIRATION // “I’ve always felt like design should be for everyone,” Katie Hoke said.

The three architects, who also run the firm Hoke Ley Architecture & Design in Lawrence, had a background in high-end residential design and wanted to make the option for a modern, sustainable home more affordable and accessible. After buying a plan online, it’s ready to build, but Porch Light can customize it if requested.

In addition to solving a problem for consumers, offering ready-to-buy plans brings in passive income that helps the small firm to smooth out the “feast or famine” revenue cycle, Hoke said.

WHAT’S NEXT // To make its designs even more accessible, Porch Light will roll out a builder series, which Hoke said will target homebuilders and developers who focus on sustainable and infill development.

“If someone were to buy 20, 30, 40 home plans, we could create a package for them and cater that package to their needs,” she said.

Because they are licensed architects, Hoke said they could create a plan for multifamily or commercial buildings within the development that follow the same principles.

CONTACT // PorchLightPlans.com // info@porchlightplans.com // (206) 384-3168