Shamerrific Shine

Shamerrific Shine

ENTREPRENEURS // Christina Scott and Kevin Neighley

LOCATION // Overland Park

FOUNDED // 2007


Owners Christina Scott and Kevin Neighley spent years working to perfect the services at their Overland Park detailing and hand car washing business. But they grew their business by exploring a new market.

The married couple came up with a microfiber chamois, dubbed Shine Pro, that allows them to make more money by using less water. The patented product also saves time and eliminates the need for cleaning product, making it eco-friendly to boot.

Scott and Neighley were aware of the Clean Water Act and the dangers of putting chemicals and soaps down drains. They wanted to differentiate themselves in the car washing and detailing market, abide by the rules and still have their customers’ vehicles look top notch.

That’s when the the product was born. They sewed prototypes in their basement. Since then, they’ve used the Shine Pro to wash more than 2 million vehicles at metro-area dealerships.

The company also offers full-service auto detailing, which includes specialized services such as high-end interior and exterior detailing, cigarette and mold removal, paint protection and correction, and more.

“Whether a customer is needing an emergency service because they have flood damage or have spilled an entire coffee. . .we care and we partner with them.”