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ShotTracker, Spalding Team Up for New Product

ShotTracker, Spalding Team Up for New Product


Local business ShotTracker has just signed a partnership with one of the biggest names in basketball: Spalding. And the multiyear deal has already led to a major new offering.

ShotTracker’s debut product was a system for tracking how many shots an individual player took and how many were actually completed. But the latest product allows users to collect data for an entire team—and not just shot attempts and completion. The new system also tracks possession, assists, turnovers and more. It’s being introduced at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Shows running this week in Las Vegas.

“A multiplayer product has always been ShotTracker’s ultimate goal, and our partnership with Spalding is key to reaching that objective,” said Davyeon Ross, COO of ShotTracker. “This technology is a true industry benchmark because it captures stats on multiple players at the same time and there’s nothing like it on the market. While many competitors have attempted to automatically capture stats on multiple players in real-time, ShotTracker and Spalding are the only companies to develop a solution that is commercially viable for use at all levels of play.”

The team version works differently from the original ShotTracker, which required players to wear a sensor on their wrist or arm. A second sensor attached to the hoop would record whether a shot was completed. The team system involves each player wearing a sensor tag on their shoe, and the ball itself has a sensor, which is paired to a series of portable sensors set up around the court.

The new product will go on sale this summer.

James Hart

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James Hart is a freelance writer based in Kansas City.

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