Smart Strategies: Why working with experts is worth it

You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé.

We all get 24 hours in one day. That statement can open your perspective to what a world-renowned pop sensation can accomplish for her brand with the same 24 hours.

But between answering texts/emails, filling staffing holes, attending meetings, networking, attaining funding and trying to have a personal life, how do business owners also run a successful company with just 24 hours in a day?

The answer is the same for you and for Beyoncé: Surround yourself with experts.

Working with subject matter experts provides sound counsel, allows for business owners to focus and, ultimately, increases profits. And no matter whether the needed expert is in marketing, technology or insurance, all are valuable assets to a company.

Trusted Adviser

Subject-matter experts are a trusted source of deep knowledge in an aspect of business. They quickly identify risks facing an operation and understand common pain points for owners—and then bring solutions.

Since experts primarily focus in one sector, they are closely familiar with best practices and efficiencies to quickly get to the desired solution. For example, if a clothing boutique company is establishing a social media presence, partnering with a marketing team from the outset accomplishes goals much faster and improves the overall quality of work.

Working with experts also encourages owners to answer pertinent and sometimes not-yet-considered questions to prevent a sticky situation down the road.

These questions also encourage decisions owners could have been avoiding while having a trusted source to help get to a good conclusion.

Time for the Good Stuff

Most owners start a business to give themselves an outlet for their passion, not to meddle with payroll, direct mail or insurance claims. Having subject-matter experts on hand saves time and resources to keep business needs rolling while owners can invest themselves in their passion, both physically and mentally.

An owner with focus on his or her product or service offering can introduce new and more original products at a higher rate. In the long run, they can make a company whose product offering stands out from the rest. With more energy going into a better product by the owner, the business thrives all around— all while maintaining a tight ship.

Do Your Bottom Line a Favor

A good expert will work to increase a company’s profitability. While it’s true partnering with an expert requires an initial investment, experts offer turnkey services and proprietary products or service offerings. These add efficiencies, therefore lowering operation expenses, giving a leg up on the competition and, ultimately, maximizing profit.

When vetting subject-matter experts, owners should ask for examples of past work and typical outcomes for a business of their size and in their industry.

Knowing this will more than make up for investing in an expert partner.

When a client wins, an expert’s practice also wins, so they will invest as much of themselves as they can to see success.

While many new and longstanding business owners grapple with bringing a subject matter expert on board, working with a specialist is worth it. Experts serve as trusted advisers who avoid negative situations, free up time for owners to invest in making their business better and, in the end, provide efficiencies that add to the bottom line.

So when asked, “Who run the world?”— it’s you … and Beyoncé.