Kathy Gates, Running Well Store

The Running Well Store


LOCATION // Mission

FOUNDED // 2006



If you’re looking for an experienced, personalized touch when shopping for footwear, The Running Well Store may be the perfect fit.

Through a deep understanding of biomechanics, the individual gait of each customer and the technology in footwear, The Running Well Store’s 20 employees work one-on-one with clients to tailor each shoe to their needs.

Founded in 2006 and owned by Kathy Gates since 2012, The Running Well Store has developed the reputation as a local favorite.  

While brick and mortar has struggled in the new Amazon.com world, the benefits of The Running Well Store’s stride analysis is reflected in its growth. In 2015, TRWS opened its second location in Lee’s Summit and a third in Mission in 2018.

“We focus on the customer, their needs and the right shoe,” Gates said. “We are the experts in footwear, and our customers seek us out for that one-on-one knowledge and customer service that you can’t find online.”

The core mission of TRWS is rooted in its strong dedication to community. The store hosts local charity runs and events in the interest of promoting community health and wellness, such as free weekly group runs and the Day One Run on Jan. 1.

The Running Well Store has been a four-time consecutive winner of the Top 50 Best Running Stores in America by Competitor Running Magazine.

“Run Well. Walk Well. Work Well. We are the place for every pace.”