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KC startup TicketRX acquired by global company

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A Kansas City startup focused in the commercial trucking industry just announced its acquisition by an international company.

TicketRX, an innovative startup that provides legal support for traffic citations and violations, announced today that it will join forces with MSTS, a global payments and credit solutions provider based in Overland Park. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The new brand, called ORDP Powered By TicketRX, will be managed by TicketRX founder and CEO Bryan Shannon.

“I’m excited to bring our mobile, AI-driven technology under the MSTS umbrella,” Shannon said in a release announcing the partnership. “MSTS’ long history and leadership experience in the transportation industry will ensure we keep drivers on the road with less hassle.”

TicketRX’s digital platform is a one-touch solution that connects commercial drivers with attorneys who are licensed in the locations where the violations occur. Focused exclusively within the commercial trucking industry, TicketRX uses a mobile app and artificial intelligence to streamline ticket resolution.

TicketRX’s mobile app features a built-in chatbot option that connects users with attorneys and allows them to pay off citations more easily. The tech enables users to upload photos of their tickets and citations, and within 24 hours, an attorney will contact the user about representing the case.

MSTS’ brand ORDP, short for Open Road Drivers Plan, is in the process of scaling TicketRX’s technology across its customer base. ORDP provides ticket resolutions for commercial drivers and fleets through a national attorney network and currently boasts a 92 percent success rate.

TicketRX’s acquisition will allow the startup to integrate its technology with MSTS, ultimately aligning with the latter’s goal to keep fleets on the road with less red tape.

“Leveraging TicketRX’s technology will allow MSTS to disrupt the industry and offer a revolutionary approach that streamlines communications between attorneys and drivers, minimizes pain points and provides innovative customer service,” MSTS president Brandon Spear said in a release.