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Tired of the Tire Shop? Meet Zohr

Vol. 26 Issue 10

Post Categories: Big Starts, Success Stories

Meet Zohr – bringing a needed service, directly to you.

Company // Zohr

Entrepreneurs // Brothers Komal Choong and Anoop Choong

What They Do // With local startup Zohr, you don’t have to waste half your Saturday waiting at the tire shop. Just go online, schedule an appointment and Zohr will come to you. It uses the most advanced equipment available to put new tires on your car—whether you happen to be at home, at work or stuck on the side of the road.

The Inspiration // “We’re car enthusiasts and have never enjoyed visiting the tire shop,” Komal said. “We always felt a serious lack of trust at traditional shops that makes the current industry experience mediocre at best. … We chose to build the business on a completely different set of values, including convenience, honesty and transparency.”

That approach is working: The company has more than 500 five-star reviews.

Last year, the Choomgs were selected for the Y Combinator’s fellowship program, which allowed them access to the organization’s vast resources and network while staying in Kansas City.

What’s Next? // Zohr has three vans in its fleet, but it’s planning to add vehicles, staff and—sometime in 2018—other cities. Tire service might just be the start of what the company offers. While they’re changing your tires, they might someday change your battery or oil, too.

How to Contact // (844) 438-9647,,