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Alight Analytics Launches New Division

Alight Analytics Launches New Division


Have you found the analytics “unicorn” your company needs? Many companies want it all when they decide to invest in marketing analytics. They look for a single person who can do all the jobs associated with analytics: data strategy and database management, deep analysis, client relationship management and a litany of other tasks.

But those all-in-one types are hard, if not impossible, to find.

Alight Analytics, a company that specializes in marketing analytics for advertising agencies and brands, has formed Insight Group, a new division dedicated to helping companies overcome the problem of searching for those elusive analytics unicorns.

“I won’t say those people don’t exist, but we know from experience they’re very, very rare,” said Matt Hertig, CEO of Alight Analytics.

Through the Insight Group, Alight will offer its portfolio of analytics solutions—the same ones they offer its clients over the years. This will show brands and agencies how they can put those proven strategies to work in their own companies, Hertig said.

Zack Pike, director of Insight Group, said its experts build dashboards, implement Google Analytics, analyze trends and develop strategic insights for organizations across all industry verticals.

“With our Insight Group, organizations can now hire an entire team of dedicated analytics experts for the price of hiring a single full-time employee,” said Pike.

Insight Group also will make the Marketing Analytics Academy available to the public. The academy is a professional training program designed to equip and enable next-generation marketers with the analytics skills they need to succeed.

Alight Analytics is a Thinking Bigger Business Media 25 Under 25® Class of 2014 award winner.

Written by

Terry Wooten is the content development manager for Thinking Bigger Business Media.

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