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November 2021, Community Spotlight

Old School Meets New School at Bison State Bank

After a 275-mile journey that took 120 years, we’re about to see Bison in Kansas City. Bison State Bank owner Ryan Wiebe said his bank has begun a soft opening of its first local branch, located at 9201 Ward Parkway, and expects it to be open for business to the public by December. It will mark a big step for the bank founded in 1901 in western Kansas and that,…

November 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Is That a Lion? Yes, and It’s Keeping Your Business from Growing.

Ever watch one of those nature shows where you see a herd of gazelle that gets spooked by a lion and they all take off running together? In the ensuing chaos, the camera always follows that one gazelle that breaks from the pack. Why do they follow that one gazelle?  The correct answer is “good TV.”  That gazelle is about to meet the business end of the aforementioned lion. Regardless…

November 2021, Expert Advice, Sales

Sales Answer Man Question Of The Month: November 2021

Q: How do we transition from a start-up business to an emerging business?  A: Congratulations on starting your company, growing your company and wanting to continue to expand your company!  Many start-ups want to get to a certain point to either “get comfortable” or sell. For those who want only to get comfortable, once that happens, you are already falling behind, let alone growing! Can you imagine any company saying…

Business Administration, Expert Advice, November 2021

What’s in a Name?

Branding experts would say the name you choose for your company means “everything” — and, in at least one author’s opinion, choosing the wrong name can make or break a company.  Your company’s brand is its identity. It reflects who your company is and what your company stands for, and it’s how customers will come to know you.  Choosing the perfect name isn’t easy. As a business owner, you probably…

November 2021, Expert Advice, Marketing

Coming From a Place of Gratitude: Your Marketing Is More Than Just Dollars and Cents

Happy “gratitude” month, SMB leaders! As we head into the Thanksgiving season, it’s time to prepare yourself to receive all the “we’re so grateful for you” marketing messages out there.  But before you start crafting that perfect one-off email and social media post expressing your gratitude for your customers, let me tell you a secret: Everyone can see right through that. Gratitude isn’t something you should practice once a year.…