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Storytelling & Your Kansas City Website Design

One of the hottest topics in marketing over the last few years has revolved around the concept of storytelling. This is fitting because storytelling has been one of the main forms of human communication since the beginning of time. Storytelling works so well for one reason – people remember stories. It’s much easier to remember a presentation that is presented within the framework of a story from one that is…

KC Entrepreneurs

Business Broker: When You’re Doing Well Is the Time to Sell

It’s a conundrum, said Chad Peterson. Your business is growing. You’re making good money. You’re even enjoying the work. That also just so happens to be the very moment you should at least consider selling your metaphorical “baby” — the company you’ve worked so hard to create and build. Peterson, president of Peterson Acquisitions, a Kansas City business broker with offices in Lenexa, Kan., speaks from personal experience. In the…


Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines for Kansas City Websites

Google Wants To Rank You, Not Your Website! Because when given a choice, people prefer to buy from thought leaders and experts. But why should you care about Google anyway? Well, with an 87 percent share of the search engine market (Source: Statistica), Google is a monopoly. This year Google became one of the few companies in the world with a trillion-dollar market cap. Your favorite search engine gets over…


The Secret to Creating Big Shifts in Wellbeing

Our young people deserve better. Overwhelmed, overstimulated and dangerously unhappy, some are white-knuckling their way through jam-packed schedules, online and offline social pressures, family problems, academic worries and financial instability. Others simply numb out. Unmanaged stress, isolation and obesity weaken the immune system and put us at greater risk for developing heart disease, chronic illness and debilitating pain. Because our current model of healthcare treats symptoms rather than addressing the…

Wealth Management

Uncle Sam’s Big Show

Time to get ready for April 15. Imagine, for a moment, that a small business owner sits at the head of a long dinner table. Seated around the table are all the people who receive money from the business owner: Uncle Sam for taxes, employees for wages, vendors, family members, charities, state and local governments, and the list goes on. And, while it’s important for all to get their fair…