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Branding, Expert Advice, May 2022

The Importance of Buyer Personas in Ecommerce

A buyer persona - also called a customer or marketing persona - is a profile of what your ideal customer looks like. It’s important to create buyer personas so that you know what your customers are looking for and why, and also why they may (or may not) purchase from you.  Buyer personas are fictional characterizations representing a group of customers with similar values around the use of a product…

Expert Advice, May 2022, Sales

Sales Answer Man: Why Partner with An Agent?

Question: I am an established agent with a national insurance company.  While I am clear about my strengths and weaknesses, any advice on how I can take my business to the next level, by partnering with another agent?  Also, any ideas how to efficiently find the right partner? Answer: Congratulations on succeeding in a business where many agents don’t after the first year. I get the feeling you are open…

Community Spotlight

Clear Mortgage Leads an Advanced and Innovative Approach

When Brown University alumna Adriana Bates started in her career, the economy was low, and convincing someone to buy a house was nearly impossible which led to disappointment and later turmoil. Now, she’s leading a transformational and vigorous mortgage company in Kansas City. “Consumers were just very reluctant to go through the process, so I very quickly had to learn how to make something that was considered a necessary evil,”…

April 2022, Branding, Expert Advice

10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives. Did you know that an incredible 4.62 billion people log into their social platforms every single day across 58.4% of the world? Social is no passing fad, and this is set to deepen with every generation. If you’re an ecommerce company who wants to make the most of your digital and social opportunities, take a look at the benefits of…

April 2022, Expert Advice, Sales

Sales Answer Man: How Do We Encourage Our Clients to Give Us Referrals?

Question: We have hundreds of satisfied customers. How do we encourage our clients to give us referrals, and should we establish a formal reward system for referrals? Answer: You are wise to focus on referrals – they are the life blood of any sales organization. I am curious - do you need to encourage your clients to give more referrals, or do you need to encourage your salespeople to ask…