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The Secret to Creating Big Shifts in Wellbeing

Our young people deserve better. Overwhelmed, overstimulated and dangerously unhappy, some are white-knuckling their way through jam-packed schedules, online and offline social pressures, family problems, academic worries and financial instability. Others simply numb out. Unmanaged stress, isolation and obesity weaken the immune system and put us at greater risk for developing heart disease, chronic illness and debilitating pain. Because our current model of healthcare treats symptoms rather than addressing the…

Wealth Management

Uncle Sam’s Big Show

Time to get ready for April 15. Imagine, for a moment, that a small business owner sits at the head of a long dinner table. Seated around the table are all the people who receive money from the business owner: Uncle Sam for taxes, employees for wages, vendors, family members, charities, state and local governments, and the list goes on. And, while it’s important for all to get their fair…

Social Media

Engagements…Will You?

When I was a little girl, my grandmother would say, "Allison, in order to have friends, you have to be a friend. You can't just expect everyone to think you are amazing; you have to show them." My grandmother was a savvy woman, living over 100 years on this planet and loving every moment; my heart truly broke when she left it. I am confident she would have been on…


The Sales Answer Man: Question of the Month

Q: How do you nurture a lead along when the prospect is not ready to buy?  What tips do you recommend? — Bill Brelsford, President, Rebar Business Builders Bill, I really appreciate your using the word “nurture” in your question. One of our Sandler Rules is this: The three most important words in professional selling are nurture, nurture, nurture! Most salespeople feel pressure to push, prod, convince and cajole their…

Office Design

Is your office space bringing you down?

(photos provided by Julie Legg Photography) Your office: Let's talk about it. Is your current workspace truly optimized to inspire your team to greatness, and to keep them engaged and energized? Is it a place where both employees and the company as a whole will thrive? If not, you're missing out. Big time! Your physical workspace is a tool. Just like a phone and a computer help get the job…