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March 2021, Web Design

Heartland Decks: From Zero to 1,200 Leads in Six Months

This is the story of a Kansas City business that went from struggling to find work to getting more business than it could handle. How does a traditional business in a crowded market achieve explosive growth in six months? They Started with SEO Google is a monopoly. If you know how Google analyzes and ranks content on the Internet and apply these principles to your website and marketing strategy, it…

March 2021, Digital Content, Marketing, Web Design

Working with a Marketing Agency? 10 Steps to Success

Most people think it’s all rainbows and butterflies working with a marketing agency; you simply just pass off your marketing to-do list to a team of experts whose job it is to just “get the work done.” But if your marketing agency is simply doing the work you tell them to do, then they’re doing you a disservice. At the same time, if they’re leaning heavily on your team to…

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Storytelling & Your Kansas City Website Design

One of the hottest topics in marketing over the last few years has revolved around the concept of storytelling. This is fitting because storytelling has been one of the main forms of human communication since the beginning of time. Storytelling works so well for one reason – people remember stories. It’s much easier to remember a presentation that is presented within the framework of a story from one that is…