Author: Brandee Johnson

October 2021, Branding, Expert Advice

Are You Committed to Your Marketing?

You’ve dabbled with content, you’ve mused over campaigns, you’ve posted a little on social media, and you’ve handed a small portion of your budget to someone in marketing...but maybe you aren’t seeing the return you wanted. The truth is there’s a big difference between trying out different marketing activities and cold, hard commitment to the marketing cause. The best marketing results aren’t going to come from dipping your toes in.…

August 2021, Branding, Expert Advice

Six Ways Hiring an Ecommerce Marketing Agency Accelerates Your Online Sales

Increasing your online sales can be a difficult task, especially if you’re relying on a small in-house team. While it may sound logical to expand your team by hiring new roles, this can be an expensive and challenging endeavor, and keeping up with the pace at which marketing evolves may prove to be more than you expected.  When you consider all of the specialized skills and technical aptitude required to…

July 2021, Branding, Expert Advice

9 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Website Conversion Rates

There are more than 1.8 million ecommerce websites floating around the internet today, with an average conversion rate of 2.86%. Competing in a crowd like this can be challenging and, when your sales begin to drop, completely disheartening. If you’re trying to increase your ecommerce website’s conversion rates, but are at a loss about what to do, we’ve compiled nine expert tips to help you get back on top.  1.…

May 2021, Branding, Expert Advice

WooCommerce vs. Shopify: Which One Is Best for Your eCommerce Business?

Knowing the best way to set up and manage your online store can be pretty difficult in 2021, especially with two ecommerce titans vying for the number one spot. We’re talking — of course! — about the age-old battle of WooCommerce vs. Shopify. One is a free, open-source plugin, while the other is a pay-monthly, ecommerce CMS — but pricing aside, which one is actually best for your ecommerce business?…

April 2021, Branding, Expert Advice

Covid’s Impact on Ecommerce: How Online Shopping Will Change in 2021

Ecommerce in 2021 is transforming in ways that couldn’t have happened pre-pandemic — or at least, they wouldn’t have happened quite so quickly. From advertising uncertainty to new consumer habits, you’ll need to be open to change if you want your ecommerce brand to thrive this year.   How the Pandemic Is Impacting Ecommerce For ecommerce, the start of the pandemic was punctuated by a boom in shopping urgency, with online…

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