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April 2021, HR

Invest in Your Workplace and People

If 2020 taught us anything, it is the importance of our people and their endless contributions. It is time to look closer at what makes people stay with their organizations and how those in leadership can work to create a higher quality workplace for present and future workers. What is employee retention? Business owners often pose the question, “Why is it important to keep employees?” Well, the hiring process can…


Smart strategies: Prepare now for the next economic slowdown

Business owners and their executives have a responsibility to anticipate multiple scenarios that could disrupt their company’s success. I advise having a pre-determined action plan for the unforeseen event(s) or conditions that could derail them in working toward their objectives. These plans work toward surviving a major economic downturn. (more…)


Smart Strategies: Appreciation vs. Recognition

It's a safe bet to say we are all different. We all have different communication styles, ways of thinking and making decisions, and individual motivations. Why should the way we go about showing appreciation be any different? I intentionally used the word appreciation versus recognition because there’s a big difference and impact between the two approaches. (more…)


Smart Strategies: Small business guide to pay equality

As a business owner, I have always believed in the philosophy of paying employees what I needed to hire the right person for the right job. I certainly could not afford to pay them more than they needed, or asked for, and every dollar saved would be reinvested into growing my business. This seemed like a win-win. If I placed a job opening for a receptionist and published that the…