Author: Erica Brune

Employee Benefits

Employee Retention/Stay Interviews

Retaining good talent is nearly as difficult as finding the good talent to begin with. Unemployment rates are at an all-time low, resulting in 74 percent of employers struggling to fill open positions while many applicants are receiving multiple job offers in demanding fields. Even if you are lucky enough to find your next hire, how can you keep them onboarded once they are trained and fully developed? Many employers…

Human Resources

Job Descriptions – An Employer’s Best Friend

Imagine that you show up to your first day of work for a job you’ve always wanted. You meet with your human resources director and they hand you a paper that details everything your job entails and what your new company expects of you. You excitedly sign the paper without hesitation. Fast forward a few weeks: You are in your supervisor’s office being reprimanded for not sending out weekly updates…


Smart Strategies: Small business guide to pay equality

As a business owner, I have always believed in the philosophy of paying employees what I needed to hire the right person for the right job. I certainly could not afford to pay them more than they needed, or asked for, and every dollar saved would be reinvested into growing my business. This seemed like a win-win. If I placed a job opening for a receptionist and published that the…