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Digging Into the Sandbox

Kids Say the Most Tweetable Things

Every parent has experienced it.

A child says something so cute that Mom and Dad can’t wait to share it with others.

Mom, apples have apple juice in them.

Daddy, my truck is broken. It needs a Band-Aid.

Mommy, look, the moon is on. (more…)

Loan Star

FormZapper’s debut product, LendingStandard, modernizes the commercial lending process.

Andy Kallenbach has spent years helping companies trade their paper documents for the world of digital document management.

But what he saw in the commercial lending market surprised him. Some of the largest banks still rely on old-school spreadsheets and paper documents to manage major loans. (more…)

Connecting to Culture

As Christina Frazier searched for her next startup, she kept coming back to a staggering statistic: Hispanics, who make up just 17 percent of the overall U.S. population, are 30 percent of the country’s iPhone users.

“A lot of Hispanics skipped the PC, and they went straight to the smartphone,” Frazier said. (more…)

Who’s Playing in the Sandbox?

Some of the city’s most innovative companies are working with Digital Sandbox KC, the proof-of-concept center that helps early-stage ventures get their product or service ready for the marketplace. Here’s a quick rundown of the participating startups. (more…)


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