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Don’t Overlook the Employee Retention Credit

Note: We are closely monitoring H.R. 3684, known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The U.S. Senate has approved… Read More

October 2021

B2B Holiday Marketing: What to Keep in Mind

B2B Holiday Marketing: What to Keep in Mind The changing of the leaves means one thing: Pumpkin spice marketing season… Read More

October 2021

Will It Be Trick or Treat at Your Business?

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time to share a few horror stories, right? As a youngster,… Read More

October 2021

Sales Answer Man Question of the Month: October 2021

Q: I’m doing a really great job of getting referrals from my clients. Are there other sources of referrals I… Read More

October 2021

Are You Committed to Your Marketing?

You’ve dabbled with content, you’ve mused over campaigns, you’ve posted a little on social media, and you’ve handed a small… Read More

October 2021

Tamara Day’s TV Success Leads to New KC-Area Shopping Experience

Tamara Day wears a lot of hats.  She knocks down walls. Designs and flips houses. Stars in a hit TV… Read More

October 2021

Now Is the Time to Jump Back into Professional Development

Whether international or local, most professionals were involved in groups, clubs, organizations and their communities before the pandemic began. At… Read More

October 2021

Marketing Math: The Odds of Getting Your Campaign Right

With seemingly unlimited places to spend your marketing dollars, clients ask us if we can nail down three things in… Read More

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