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June 2021, The Bigger Picture

Q&A with Matthew Hughes

Matthew Hughes is executive director of the International Relations Council of Kansas City, an organization that has been strengthening our community's global perspective since 1954. As the world has grown increasingly interconnected over the decades, the IRC has become a trusted resource in the local business community, convening substantive conversations about international events and issues and their impact on Kansas City. Thinking Bigger recently posed the following questions to Hughes.…

The Bigger Picture

Beyond the Bottom Line

Manufacturing an innovative product or offering excellent services are good starting points for a business, but it likely isn’t enough. In addition to doing a good job, companies should consider good works. (more…)

The Bigger Picture

Tracking Tinsel Town Trends

There was a time not so long ago when moviegoers, like critics, might have offered a simple thumbs up—or down—based solely on their opinion of a film. No more. Today, the movie theater experience and customer satisfaction are about more than just the product on the screen. A few local companies are intimately familiar with the demands of movie-goers. Halfway across the country from Hollywood, Kansas City’s movie-industry businesses are…

The Bigger Picture


  Change is embedded in the DNA of Kansas City. Throughout the years, Kansas City has embraced various identities, including as a frontier trail town offering a gateway to the West, a Cowtown with bustling stockyards, the hotbed of jazz and, of course, the birthplace of the world’s best barbecue. (more…)