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How to 10x Your Video ROI with SEO

If you are like many business owners or marketing executives today, you may be struggling with your digital marketing investment decisions. While website content and blogging are still cornerstones of any inbound marketing strategy, buyers now expect to see more video content – so it’s no surprise that Google is favoring websites with good video SEO (search engine optimization). The dilemma for you, however, is that investing more into video…


Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines for Kansas City Websites

Google Wants To Rank You, Not Your Website! Because when given a choice, people prefer to buy from thought leaders and experts. But why should you care about Google anyway? Well, with an 87 percent share of the search engine market (Source: Statistica), Google is a monopoly. This year Google became one of the few companies in the world with a trillion-dollar market cap. Your favorite search engine gets over…