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Business Broker: When You’re Doing Well Is the Time to Sell

It’s a conundrum, said Chad Peterson. Your business is growing. You’re making good money. You’re even enjoying the work. That also just so happens to be the very moment you should at least consider selling your metaphorical “baby” — the company you’ve worked so hard to create and build. Peterson, president of Peterson Acquisitions, a Kansas City business broker with offices in Lenexa, Kan., speaks from personal experience. In the…

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Turning Tech Trash into Treasure

Local firm meets market demand by making old things new again. The Big Deal Bell has been ringing a lot lately at Stallard Technologies Inc. (STI) in Overland Park, Kan. The bell, mounted in the heart of the technology hardware company’s headquarters, is a rallying point for employees and executives when new customers join the firm’s growing roster of clients in 49 states and 100 countries worldwide. And the company…