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September 2021, Entrepreneurial Journey

Q&A with Paul Dorrell

Leopold Gallery is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Kansas City. In addition to featuring local artists at his Brookside brick-and-mortar space, Leopold founder Paul Dorrell works with clients around the world as an art consultant to bring their spaces to life by identifying the right piece of art or the right artist to create custom art. He has designed large art projects in spaces such as Arrowhead Stadium, H&R Block’s…

May 2021, Community Spotlight, Entrepreneurial Journey, Expansion, Expert Advice

Finding Business Success in Something Nobody Wants to Buy

Travis Burch and Carter Clond realize they sell something nobody really wants to spend money on when it comes to a home: new gutters. “Who thinks about gutters,” Burch asked. “It’s like the last thing on a home.” Yet when the two discovered a unique product offering in 2015, a lightbulb went off. They realized that, together, they had the right customer service and business background — combined with the…

February 2021, Community Spotlight, Entrepreneurial Journey, Growth Strategy, Wellness

Healthy Food, Sizzlin’ Sales

KC company goes national with fresh, pre-made meals You know you’re cooking up something right when you grow from a 25 sq. ft. home kitchen to a 44,000 sq. ft. headquarters and commercial kitchen facility, 12 retail stores in six states, and nationwide meal shipping. That’s what’s happened at Kansas City, Kan.-based Eat to Evolve, a company that has found its recipe for success providing healthy, pre-made meals to customers…

Entrepreneurial Journey, Personal Growth

Eric and Shanny Morgenstern: Realigning Morningstar

They can still recite their resumes from back in the day, but it’s been a lifetime since Eric and Shanny Morgenstern weren’t spouses, parents and business partners all rolled into one. For almost 40 years, they have been the driving magic behind Morningstar Communications. Today, as the two have transitioned the business yet again to meet both their needs and those of their customers, they are also taking time to…

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