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Bee Organized: Advisers help owners streamline to franchise

Former stay-at-home moms Kristen Christian and Lisa Foley started their home-organization business Bee Organized after realizing that the inflexible hours of a corporate job wouldn’t work for their families.

Three years later, the entrepreneurs have turned Bee Organized into a thriving business. They have franchise operations in Dallas, San Francisco and Oklahoma City. The business owners employ 17 part-time employees – many are stay-at-home moms in need of flexible hours – within Kansas City. (more…)

Rau Construction: 148-year-old firm specializes in historic rehab

There aren’t many companies in the Kansas City area that can claim roots as far back as the 1870s, but Rau Construction is a rare breed.

The family business was founded in 1870 in Solingen, Germany, then moved to Kansas City around 1905. Since then, Rau Construction has been maintained and operated as a family-owned company.

The company’s projects include structures such as churches, office buildings, retail, schools, industrial complexes, renovations and interior finishes. (more…)

Social Apex: Marketing firm channels millennial enthusiasm

Founded in July 2018, Social Apex Media is a multimedia marketing agency that helps companies cultivate and distribute a personal brand across the digital landscape.

“Our specialty is translating and communicating business’ stories and qualities across the digital space,” said Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Sam Kulikov. “We want to convey a business’ personality and brand across any and all channels.” (more…)

Allen Press: New tech, marketing services keep commercial printer at forefront

For almost 85 years, in the face of evolving technology and the digital era, Allen Press has kept the presses rolling.

Founded in 1935 in Lawrence, Allen Press is a publishing and printing company of 175 employees that specializes in publication and commercial printing as well as scholarly publishing and marketing services. Its scholarly publishing unit creates, edits and prints scientific and academic journals for hundreds of nonprofit societies around the world. (more…)

Vazquez Commercial Contracting: Constructing a legacy

It didn’t feel like it then, but getting fired was one of the best things to ever happen to Joe Vazquez.

Losing his job as an accountant led the Kansas City entrepreneur to found Vazquez Commercial Contracting, one of the city’s fastest-growing construction firms — one that can tackle everything from stormwater projects to demolitions to historical restorations.

The Midtown-based company was on pace to end 2018 with about $40 million in revenue, and it already has $50 million in backlog scheduled for 2019. (more…)

Margaret’s Place: Advisers teach owner to ‘think like a CEO’

When Patricia McCreary opened Margaret’s Place Adult Recreation and Wellness Center in 2016, she knew how to make her facility stand out.

Right down to its name, McCreary wanted to strike a different chord than a typical adult day center. Margaret’s Place offers nutritious, farm-to-table meals. It’s clean and sanitized three times a day. But above all else, it encourages clients to engage by offering fun, fulfilling activities including in the 2,500-square-foot gym. (more…)

Meyer Music: Band of Angels plays to company’s strengths

Meyer Music was founded more than 50 years ago by two educators, Ted and Betty Meyer, who believed that music education is critical to a child’s development. Today, the company’s three locations offer private music lessons and instrument sales or rentals for musically inclined students.

As school districts have cut arts funding, Meyer Music saw an opportunity to step in. In partnership with Fox4 News, it collects monetary donations and musical instruments that are refurbished and distributed to students who can’t afford to buy or rent them.

The effort, which began in 2010, was dubbed Band of Angels and is now a 501(c)(3) charity. (more…)


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