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Bait Matters: Catch more customers by learning who they are and what they want

After a 45-year career, Jack was ready for retirement. More time for vacations and the occasional nap. More time with the grandkids. And, finally, time for new hobbies like fishing. Jack always enjoyed hearing his buddies’ fishing stories and loved the idea of a little solitude out in nature. His extensive work travel and house projects just never seemed to leave much time for those weekends at the lake or…

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A Bear, a Hare … and an Alarm Clock

How to use storytelling to connect with your audience. Alarm clocks were once found on nearly every nightstand — a reliable, necessary evil to get us up and at ’em at just the right time each day. (At least those who didn’t slam the snooze button one too many times.) But in the modern world of ubiquitous cell phones with built-in alarms, bedside clocks have become increasingly optional, and perhaps…