Author: Phil Singleton

September 2021, Expert Advice, Web Design

Uh-Oh: Is My Marketing Agency Hurting My Google Rankings?

Oops, they did it again! Google dropped another algorithm update, and this one targets link building by way of “guest blogging” or “guest blog posting.” You can see details about this search engine update on the Google Search Central Blog’s July 26, 2021, blog post. What Are Backlinks? In terms of your website, backlinks are hyperlinks from third-party websites that click back to your website. Since the beginning, backlinks have…

June 2021, Expert Advice, Web Design

The Google Page Experience Update: What You Need to Do

This year, Google is rolling out one of its biggest algorithmic updates in recent memory. While the company frequently upgrades its search engine ranking algorithms, the Page Experience update is special because it was pre-announced. On top of that, it was postponed from the original release date — a rare act that underscores its importance. Why Is This Important for Your Business? Every company wants to be found online, and…

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5 SEO Tips for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you likely spend most of your time thinking about how to grow your company, including how to market efficiently and effectively, attract more leads, and convert prospects into customers. As the year comes to an end, it’s worth taking some time to think about whether and how efficiently and effectively you’ve been doing these things. A good place to start this self-reflection is where…