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February 2021, Human Resources

HR Answers Your Most Asked FFCRA Questions

In the everchanging landscape of COVID-19 and the workplace, our team has taken every opportunity to educate and inform our clients and our community about the options available to them. Whether it involves best practices surrounding health and safety requirements or how to obtain tax credits, our HR team answers the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and what it means for your business…

January 2021, Human Resources

Recruiting 101: Three Perspectives in Talent Acquisition

During a recent phone screen with a prospective candidate, we were discussing potential career paths when this individual stated how much she would love to have my job. She went on to state how rewarding and easy the job must be. Further, she stated that the recruiting process seems no more complicated than a client needing a new employee, a candidate needing a new job and a recruiter needing to…

Human Resources

Job Descriptions – An Employer’s Best Friend

Imagine that you show up to your first day of work for a job you’ve always wanted. You meet with your human resources director and they hand you a paper that details everything your job entails and what your new company expects of you. You excitedly sign the paper without hesitation. Fast forward a few weeks: You are in your supervisor’s office being reprimanded for not sending out weekly updates…