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House Small Business Committee Posts Cyber Security Aids

House Small Business Committee Posts Cyber Security Aids


You’ve undoubtedly heard the dire warnings about cyber attacks on business. Although such attacks on large corporations routinely make the news, small businesses are not immune. A report from Verizon revealed that 71 percent of cyber attacks in 2012 occurred in businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

This week the House Small Business Committee addressed the threat and posted cyber security aids for small businesses.

“A cyber attack can have serious consequences, not only for small businesses, but also their customers, employees and business partners,” said committee chairman Steve Chabot (R-Ohio).  “Sixty percent of small businesses that fall victim to a cyber attack close up shop within six months.  A 2014 survey from the National Small Business Association estimated the average cost of a cyber attack on a small business to be over $32,000.”

The committee posted three publications offering cyber security guidance to small businesses.

The first addresses best practices on protecting your business and your customers related to hacking andthe Internet of Things.

A second pamphlet offers advice on what businesses should do when they discover their networks have been breached, including who to contact and what immediate measures to take.

The final publication in the series deals with protecting customers’ personal information. It covers five areas, including knowing what personal information you may have in your files and on your computers, keeping only the information you need for your business, protecting the data you do keep, how to properly dispose of information you don’t need and creating a plan to respond to security incidents.


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