Clear Mortgage Leads an Advanced and Innovative Approach

When Brown University alumna Adriana Bates started in her career, the economy was low, and convincing someone to buy a house was nearly impossible which led to disappointment and later turmoil. Now, she’s leading a transformational and vigorous mortgage company in Kansas City.

“Consumers were just very reluctant to go through the process, so I very quickly had to learn how to make something that was considered a necessary evil,” Bates said. “I wanted to find a lighthearted approach to make the mortgage process less painful.”

Clear Mortgage is a full-service Mortgage Lending Team from origination to servicing after the loan closes. The business’ main focus is communication and closing on time.

While Adriana and her team work to make each client’s time as easy as possible, they are connected to the community as well. Clear Mortgage’s Facebook page is filled with tips and tricks often for followers who aren’t clients yet to see the trends in the market.

For instance, The Federal Reserve recently announced rate increase of 0.5%. Adriana’s team jumped on that opportunity to spin it in a positive way most consumers wouldn’t be aware of: “Rates are still historically low! Despite recent rate hikes, buying a house is still a smart financial decision – especially with home values appreciating at an all-time high.”

While still a booming small business, the pandemic brought fear of closed doors and a sustainable business model. According to Bates, the government’s prevention of a deep recession and dropped rates as low as they had been her entire career. It’s no secret to most Americans that buying and selling houses skyrocketed as a result of the global pandemic.

Every client of Adriana sought the opportunity to call her to take advantage of the rates, leading to her next biggest tackle: hiring a strong team.

Her criteria? Smart, hardworking, aggressive and technology embracing with a fit into Clear Mortgage’s culture and an ability to start right away and handle more business than she’s ever seen.

The Clear Mortgage team takes care of people and their investments before committing them to a term. The financial planning process from the team makes sure a client is not going to have to dip into an emergency fund shortly after signing on a house if it isn’t the right time for them.

“At Clear mortgage, I’m trying to really leverage technology to make sure the communicating and voice we’re using is done in a way that’s not reliant on humans to make sure a loan moves through the process.

Adriana’s philosophy is that a home should not be seen as just a place you go to bed at night and take care of your family, but as the backbone of your financial picture and a milestone marker in life.

“Everyone wants the house, but no one wants the mortgage. But you need one, so why not make it fun?” Adriana said. “At Clear Mortgage, we believe in the value of making educated decisions, while also making this decision making a positive experience.”

You can learn more about Clear Mortgage here, or you get the latest tips and tricks by visiting their Facebook page or YouTube channel.