Kansas City Web Design Leverages Google Rankings for Growth

A local Kansas City website design and digital marketing agency creates websites designed to generate leads.

Phil Singleton is a web designer, a search engine marketing expert and an award-winning author.

Since 2005, he has owned and operated Kansas City Web Design & SEO, a digital marketing agency based in Overland Park.

In 2016, Singleton co-wrote a book on search engine optimization (SEO) called SEO for Growth: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers, Web Designers & Entrepreneurs.

The book is an Amazon bestseller and has been featured on Forbes, MSNBC, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine.

From SEO Newbie to SEO Expert

Although Singleton is regarded as a Google marketing expert now, he started out struggling with websites and internet marketing just like everyone else.

“I have a degree in finance and an MBA, but I almost flunked out of computer science in college, which is ironic because I make a good living on computers today.

I self-taught my way into digital marketing, but I think my background in finance is unique in the web design industry and why my agency is so focused on building ROI-driven websites,” he said.

He describes how Google changed his perspective on business and marketing: “I learned about SEO in the early 2000’s. I was fascinated with how much power Google had over the consumer purchase process, and they have even more today.

At one point in 2005, I convinced a local business owner to let me build my first website on barter.

His new website popped up on the first page of Google quickly, generating many new customers and sales.

It was the most professionally rewarding experience I ever had. At that moment, I knew I had a great business opportunity.”

Flash forward 15 years, Singleton now runs a  top rated Kansas City web design agency that has helped thousands of businesses in Kansas City and around the country generate more online leads and sales through books, software products and digital marketing services.

Helping Kansas City Companies Grow

Even with all the services and resources available today, Singleton details why many business owners still seem to struggle online: “We have a big problem in the web design industry in that agencies focus primarily on design and functionality, but often fall short on marketing strategy and SEO.

Our industry creates great looking sites, but they don’t always have all the components ‘under the hood’ needed to rank highly on Google.

My Kansas City web development agency is different in that we create websites that are engineered to generate leads and sales from the ground up, rather than addressing marketing goals after a new website is launched.

This is important because websites are the key to modern marketing. I think our strategic and consultative approach to web design is what sets us apart.”

Singleton explains why he is so passionate about working with small business owners: “Even though our customer base has grown nationally, my favorite thing is working with local companies right here in Kansas City.

We have many long-term local clients and it’s been amazing to watch them grow into larger businesses and bigger metro-area employers.

I love working side-by-side with business owners and playing an active role in their growth.

There is nothing more satisfying than earning the trust and respect of a fellow entrepreneur.”

Kansas City Web Design Advice

In Singleton’s view, the opportunity for Kansas City businesses to grow online is only just beginning.

“Please don’t treat your website like a digital brochure.

Use your website the central hub for all of your company’s marketing.

Work on your online reputation, participate on social media, commit to a weekly blogging routine, and tie all this back to your website so your business can pop up on the first page of Google.


Kansas City Web Design’s Marketing Wheel Strategy

kansas city digital marketing

Finally, consider investing in search engine optimization. SEO is a long game for sure, but for businesses that have patience and commit to it long term, the payback can be huge,” he advises.


You can learn more about Phil Singleton and Google-friendly web design in Kansas City at KCWebDesigner.com and search engine optimization services at KCSEOPro.com.