Pay It Forward | Don’t Wait Too Long to Hire

When you first start your own business, you’re used to doing everything yourself—usually because there’s no money to hire an extra set of hands.

Eventually, there comes a point when the workload is too big for one person. You’ve got to hire an employee.

For Sandi Weaver, the owner of Financial Security Advisors, that moment came nearly two years after she launched the fee-only financial planning firm. The Prairie Village business is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Weaver shared some advice on overcoming those first-time hiring jitters.

Don’t put it off longer than necessary // Weaver remembers being hesitant to hire anyone at first.

For me, I think I was scared to hire that first employee,” Weaver said. “And I delayed it longer than I should have.”

Ask for advice // Weaver got help with the nuts-and-bolts of hiring at a small business development center. And when she set her new hire’s salary, she asked other financial planners what they paid for a similar position.

Carefully plan the job interview // Have a good list of questions that you need to ask. Be sure you know what you can’t ask about—age, pregnancy status, and other details.

Look at the intangibles // While experience is important in a job applicant, so are personal qualities such as teamwork, optimism, energy and the desire to learn.

I remember them saying you should look for attitude, because you can teach skills,” Weaver said.