SouveNEAR opens in San Francisco

SouveNEAR Vending Machine Makes Buying Souvenirs Push-Button Easy

SouveNEAR, which sells distinctive wares made by Kansas City artists, designers and makers, has unveiled its first vending machine at Kansas City International Airport.

The SouveNEAR vending machine located at Terminal B at KCI offers jewelry, artwork, clothing and other easy-to-carry souvenirs from $2.50 to $40 each.

“Finding meaningful souvenirs is always a challenge, especially when you’re rushing to find something at the last minute,” said Suzanne Southard, co-founder of SouveNEAR, in a release. “We want to provide a convenient way for people to get mementos that are artistic and that have a real connection to the city. Our new SouveNEAR vending machine at KCI offers travelers a fun and easy way to get something that reflects Kansas City’s vibrant arts community, with the swipe of a credit card or tap of a smart phone.”

The merchandise includes post cards from Hammerpress, a T-shirt from Normal Human featuring “The Scout” sculpture and more.

“It struck us as a little sad that so many souvenirs offer only the name of the city – and none of the story, none of the spirit,” said Tiffany King, SouveNEAR’s co-founder. “We loved the idea that buying a souvenir could actually do a small part to support the work of (creative people) within our city. We’re so proud to be able to showcase the work of Kansas City artists.”

In addition to providing a showcase for local artists, SouveNEAR manufactures its own items that are also available in its first vending machine at KCI, as well as at the Nelson-Atkins Museum Store in Kansas City and Unique Finds and the General Store & Co. in Overland Park.

SouveNEAR’s plans include adding an online store and expanding to other cities in 2015.

“The SouveNEAR brand is all about offering locals and visitors beautiful and authentic items that they know are made in the cities they represent,” Southard said.