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Brett Davis founded Command.App when he realized that many companies faced similar issues when presenting complex product lines and services.


Brett Davis, CEO and founder

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7900 Conser, Suite 80
Overland Park, KS 66204

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Software that presents complex marketing materials and multimedia in a custom application for sales, marketing and training.

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“There was a gap between the people building the marketing material tools and the salespeople that used it,” Davis said.

Too often, salespeople were not able to effectively use tools like PowerPoint and Dropbox. The proper materials didn’t download, or a customer’s query disrupted the linear flow of the presentation that sent the presenter hopscotching through slides.

Command.App is a dynamic application that enables the presenter to answer situational questions about products and services via a tablet. The
presenter can share complex marketing, sales or training materials through a nonlinear multi-media approach that fosters interactive, engaging conversation. Added digital tool sets can produce cost calculations, product comparisons and other data.

Davis and his team built Command.App by drawing on a digital-media solution from his other firm, Barnstorming Media.

“We took the situational navigation of DVDs and applied it to a user experience,” Davis said.

With Command.App, Davis said, “Clients have better customer engagement experience and back-end control of the content and messaging.”

For example, Prairie Village-based WireCo WorldGroup manufactures wire, rope and cable products that span 12 brands and numerous product lines. The company needed a flexible, simple means to present and discuss multiple products at a trade show, where each visitor’s needs and information requirements varied.

“WireCo was one of our early adopters,” Davis said. “We built their initial app for a trade show to help them present their complex product line. We built on that success to expand their solution to sales apps for their field reps.”

Command.App participated in ScaleUP! Kansas City’s seventh cohort. Davis found benefit in the intensive training and experience that led to strategic growth with his new venture.

“ScaleUP! allowed us time to take Command.App to the next level,” Davis said. “We focused on processes to automate the app and build efficiency.”

Davis and his team spent more than a year to develop and beta test Command.App’s initial version.

“We focused on the enterprise-level app first and then added toolsets for various business types,” Davis said. “We’ve proven the market fit for the product and now look to further market penetration.”

With version two, Command.App evolved from an iOS-only platform to include Surface, Android and iOS for tablets and phones. The backend portal enables clients to update custom apps and build derivative apps.

“At its core, Command.App is a great user experience for presenting materials and as a situational sales tool,” Davis said. “Command.App allows high-tech companies to present with technology that reflects the true nature of the company.”