Interior Design Tips for Business Offices by Karin Ross Designs

Finding the ideal location for your office is essential; however, when it comes to the interior design, you can’t overlook factors such as comfort and lighting. While the right office location will bring potential clients to you, if you don’t create the right atmosphere, then those same clients may seek services elsewhere.

What does this mean?

You can’t only focus on the location of your office. You also have to consider other factors, including the atmosphere and “vibe” you create. Some tips to help you along the way are found here.

The Perfect Amount of Light

The right lighting is essential for any office, or business, for that matter. If you offer a product, be sure you have the right lighting to make it “shine.” By making your product stand out from the rest of the room or space, it will become the focal point.

If you sell a service, then you need the right lighting around your name or logo. This is essential for branding and can help keep your client’s attention. Believe it or not, proper lighting around your business name can actually help potential and current clients feel more comfortable and reassured they have selected the right service provider.

Comfort Considerations

As a business owner, you know that pinching pennies is a must. However, don’t sacrifice comfort in your effort to save a few dollars. It’s in your best interest to invest in comfortable furniture for your employees and clients. In both situations, your workers and clients will be encouraged to stay around longer if they are comfortable and happy with the work conditions or experience they have.

An added bonus is if you provide comfortable break rooms and kitchen areas. Water, coffee, baked goods and flavored water are all great ways to show both your employees and your clients you appreciate them. These things also help increase the comfort level.

Paint Colors

The right paint color for you is dependent on the type of business you have. Just keep in mind, using even a small amount of a stronger color or different tone may help to portray your confidence and help you gain more clientele. After all, everyone wants to be with the “winning” brand. Light blue is a great option for offices used for tech-related jobs, as it helps to stimulate concentration, and orange and red help to increase energy.

The Waiting Area

When designing your waiting area (which is the first thing most clients see) make sure to keep your branding and style in mind at all times. Making a great first impression is paramount, which is why having a welcome desk or front desk that “says” the right message is so important. You should have your company name and recognizable logo above or behind your desk. This will ensure people visiting your office know where they are at all times.

You also need to choose a desk that is innovative, creative and says something that won’t be easily forgotten. Be sure the waiting area is clean, big enough and comfortable, and that the layout flows. Carefully consider the placement of the furniture you choose, and make sure it doesn’t overpower your actual waiting area.

Inspirational Quotes

Modern offices are using inspirational quotes once again. Consider placing one that will help enhance your worker’s morale during the day. After all, employees who are inspired produce better results and bring that necessary “X” factor, when needed. Choose quotes that inspire you – such as ones from a favorite person in your industry. You can have them framed or paint them directly on the walls.

The Use of Innovative Technology

By using the latest and greatest tech gadgets and gizmos, you show your clients you are up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. It also shows clients you are dedicated to providing services or products that meet modern demands and needs. If you are confident in what you do, your client will be, as well.

Creating an amazing office atmosphere isn’t hard, but it does require careful thought and consideration. Use the Kansas City interior design tips here and consult with a professional to learn more.