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A New Approach to Teaching

Vol. 26 Issue 9

Post Categories: Big Starts, Success Stories

Dreams KC is a new type of school with cutting-edge approaches.

Company //Dreams KC

Entrepreneur // Catina Taylor

What They Do // Dreams KC is a new type of school, one that incorporates cutting-edge approaches to education: project-based learning, adaptive technology, wrap-around services for students and their families, and other resources. It’s currently running as a pilot program. Taylor wants to fully launch Dreams KC—which was tapped for The Lean Lab incubator—in 2019.

The Inspiration // Taylor taught for 17 years in private, district and charter schools, working with students from pre-K up through adult basic education. The “system” wasn’t working for the majority of students. “Light in the eyes of children [was] being extinguished the longer they were in institutions meant to support their hopes and dreams,” Taylor said. “I wanted to create a school that liberated [children] through education and nourished their homes and dreams for the future.”

What’s Next? // Dreams KC is working through its second pilot program and serves 20 students. (The previous eight-week pilot served 10 students.) Going forward, it’s possible that Dreams KC will partner with Kansas City Public Schools as a contract school or become a charter. Taylor is working to secure additional funding through grants and personal donations. Want to get involved? She’s building a group of DREAMS Ambassadors for community support.

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