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New Social Petwork Rewards the Internet’s Real Stars

New Social Petwork Rewards the Internet’s Real Stars


Let’s be honest: The best stuff in your Facebook feed—the funniest, the most adorable, the all-around most awesome—probably features a cat, a dog or some other pet. (Sorry, Your Cousin’s Baby, somebody had to say it.)

The big social networks owe a huge amount of their traffic to America’s pets … who receive zero rewards for their starring roles.

PennyA new Kansas City startup, Furency, wants to change that. Billing itself as a social network by and for pets, the app allows pets (and their owners) to earn digital points for the photos and videos they share.

Accumulate enough points, and you could eventually qualify for special offers from pet-centric businesses. “We’re working through the nuts and bolts of that right now,” said Kristopher Nielsen. Furency’s site lists him as the human assistant to Chief Petexutive Officer Penny Nielsen—his dog.

There are a handful of other pet-themed social networks out there, but they’re usually devoted to one particular species.

“We wanted to make this for all domestic animals,” Nielsen said.

Furency launched its app through Apple’s App Store in November. Android users, look for a version by the middle of this year. www.furency.com

James Hart

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James Hart is a freelance writer based in Kansas City.

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