Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa: Salt of the earth

When most people picture a relaxing getaway, floating in a dark room of saltwater probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

But according to Salinity Salt & Flotation Spa’s founder and owner, Terry Amerine, salt therapy can be key for overall wellness, whether it be for immunity, mental health or pain relief purposes.

“Salinity’s goal is to use natural therapies to empower the bodily and mental functions of each guest, thereby significantly improving their physical and mental health and wellness,” Amerine said.

More than a grain of salt

Located at 135th and Metcalf in Leawood, Salinity features a variety of Kansas City med spa and wellness services to improve immune function and overall health. The half-spa, half-wellness space opened in February 2018.

Salt and flotation spas have recently gained traction across the U.S. following their popularity in Europe. Amerine says Salinity is unique in its audio and visual provisions.

“We can virtually transport our customers anywhere on earth or even the universe,” he said. “The Salinity concept of combining the salt, float and audio/visual experience is, as far as our research shows, unique to our spa.”

Two rooms (one for adults, one for kids) feature dry salt halo therapy, which condenses 99 percent pharmaceutical salt into the airflow. The technique can clear up a head cold or a sinus infection in under an hour, Amerine said.

Salinity also offers salt flotation therapy, which allows users to float in a sensory deprivation tank. The tank contains 2,000 pounds of salt, making it saltier than the Dead Sea. The practice has clinically proven benefits for mental health issues—such as depression, anxiety and PTSD—as well as physical ones, like chronic pain and illness.

Lastly, Salinity provides Pulsation Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) treatment, which microscopically expands a person’s capillaries to improve blood flow and circulation.

“Everything we do at Salinity was specifically designed and clinically proven to help address (circulation and immunity) issues,” Amerine said. “We know that if our customers utilize our spa on a consistent basis that it will make a positive and transformative difference in their lives.”

‘Proactive and preventative’ education

Salinity’s mission to improve air quality is fundamental to the therapies it provides.

“The average person breathes 3,200 gallons of air a day,” Amerine explained. “Salinity puts us in a better position to educate people on how indoor air quality is affecting their health.”

After he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2014, Amerine left the commercial printing industry to run his own air testing and remediation company, now called Genesis Home Restorations. Following the same mission, Salinity sells an airborne probiotic system that dramatically reduces allergens, pathogens and transmission of illnesses.

“We want to show customers how to take a proactive and preventative, rather than reactive, approach to their health,” Amerine said.

Worth its salt

Amerine’s primary goals are to improve local awareness of air quality and salt therapy, and to partner with local businesses to create wellness spaces across Kansas City.

By providing Salinity services to local businesses, Amerine wants to offer healthier alternatives to coffee and energy drinks for boosting mental acuity. Ideally, he’d like to expand Salinity’s brand nationally.

“By partnering with office spaces, allergists and health care organizations, Salinity can provide foundational, daily benefits,” Amerine said. “We have a mission to educate so we can reduce employee absenteeism, change the environment and help overall health.”

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