Lisa Bledsoe Tea-Biotics kombucha

Tea-Biotics: Kombucha maker rapidly multiplies output

Company // Tea-Biotics

Entrepreneur // Lisa Bledsoe, founder

Tea-Biotics kombuchaWhat They Do // Tea-Biotics describes itself as “handcrafted organic kombucha made locally.” The company produces and sells kombucha, or fermented tea, in flavors such as turmeric lime, hibiscus watermelon, blueberry and cherry lime. Its kombucha is gluten-free, organic, GMO-free and vegan. Its taproom has 24 flavors to sample. Customers may purchase 64-ounce growlers to bring kombucha home. Bottled kombucha is also available at stores throughout Greater Kansas City.

The Inspiration // “In my home, my family calls me the ‘Scoby Master’ because I love making kombucha and fermented vegetables,” Bledsoe said. “What started off as a healthy hobby quickly became a passion. I wanted to share the health I’ve found through fermented foods with my friends and family. Our business blossomed from there.”

What’s Next // Since September 2017, Tea-Biotics has grown from producing 300 to more than 1,000 kegs of kombucha. “In early 2018, we partnered with Palmentere Brothers Distributing to get our bottled kombucha to more than 100 grocery stores in the Kansas City area,” Bledsoe said. “Our goal is to have our kombucha enjoyed nationwide.”

How to Contact // Tea-Biotics // 11415 Strang Line Road, Lenexa KS 66215 // (913) 231-4515 //