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The Secret to Creating Big Shifts in Wellbeing

Our young people deserve better.

Overwhelmed, overstimulated and dangerously unhappy, some are white-knuckling their way through jam-packed schedules, online and offline social pressures, family problems, academic worries and financial instability. Others simply numb out.

Unmanaged stress, isolation and obesity weaken the immune system and put us at greater risk for developing heart disease, chronic illness and debilitating pain.

Because our current model of healthcare treats symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of disease, it should come as no surprise that the United States ranks number one in the world for healthcare spending, but only 37th for healthcare performance.

As a population, the U.S. ranks 18th for happiness. Depression, anxiety and suicide rates among young people are skyrocketing.

Why I’m optimistic

While the statistics are alarming, thanks to the movement toward achieving greater whole person health that we are nurturing right here in Kansas City, we have big reasons to feel hopeful.

BigShifts Foundation is partnering with community visionaries, corporate and non-profit leaders, educators and healthcare practitioners to provide young people (ages 5-30) with safe places and resources to achieve long-term, whole-person health.

What is whole person health?

Optimal wellbeing, or whole person health, occurs when our body’s systems work in harmony with each other.

Whole person health is comprised of the  a model that includes      :

  • Mechanical – how well and how often our bodies move
  • Chemical – what we consume and what our bodies absorb from the environment
  • Energetic – our thought patterns, the people we surround ourselves with and our physical environment, all of which can positively or negatively influence energy levels
  • Psychospiritual – our sense of self-worth, self-awareness, purpose and connection with others

We can’t achieve whole person health if we only exercise but ignore nutrition, or meditate daily but lack strong social ties. When one quadrant is out of whack, a domino effect occurs causing dis-ease.

Educating youth

Making small, meaningful changes is the secret to creating powerful shifts in how we feel physically, mentally and spiritually.

BigShifts shares age-appropriate tools to help young people care for their physical bodies by becoming mindful of what they’re putting into and onto their bodies.

Skilled practitioners also teach them how to care for their mental and spiritual selves by encouraging self-awareness and authenticity.

By giving youth the resources and knowledge to lean into optimal well-being, we enable them to live their best lives with energy and purpose.

How can you be a catalyst for change?

  •  Role model. Research shows that kids are likely to model the health and lifestyle behaviors of their parents. To learn how to take a more holistic approach to you and your family’s health, check out SmallChangesBigShifts.com
  • Engage employees. Companies that embrace wellness programs not only experience reduced absenteeism and lower health insurance costs, but also boast more productive, satisfied employees. Using the Quadrants of Wellbeing as a framework, the SHIFT Experience whole person health wellness program coaches employees one step at a time toward a fully engaged wellness lifestyle that produces real health changing results. (Contact mrobin@yourwellnessconnection.com to learn more.)
  • Champion community wellness. Influence cultural change by getting involved with our mission of educating and reaching people ages 5-30. As a Wellness Champion through Big Shifts, you’ll be part of an inspiring network of area health and wellness providers, educators and business leaders who are actively engaged in building a healthy community based on the Quadrants of Wellbeing. 
  • Join the Wellness Consortium, which includes passionate health and wellness providers and vendors who meet monthly from across the Kansas City area. Learn more at YourWellnessConnection.com/Wellness-Consortium.

Creating generational lifestyle changes

The average person has no idea how good they can feel. BigShifts Foundation aims to change that.

With our framework of healthy living programs and our network of enthusiastic community partners, we can move closer toward nourishing the health and wellbeing of our young people and future generations to come.

About the Author

Dr Michelle Robin is a Thinking Bigger Foundational Partner,

dr michelle robinDr. Robin is a speaker, best-selling author, podcast host and practicing chiropractor, who empowers people to make small changes that will create big shifts in their wellbeing.

She is the founder, Chief Connector and Intuitive Visionary of Big Shifts Foundation and the owner of Your Wellness Connection, P.A., one of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers.

You can reach Dr. Robin at:

Phone: (913) 962-7408