Author: Michelle Robin


Strengthen Your Resilience for Healthier Leadership

What keeps purpose-oriented business leaders up at night? The overwhelming fear and anxiety that they might fail at their mission and let people who are counting on them down. Sami Aaron, founder of The Resilient Activist, can empathize. In 2003, Sami’s son Kevin ended his life. A high-achiever and concerned environmentalist, Kevin had degrees in environmental studies and sociology and was working on a graduate program in urban and regional…


The Secret to Creating Big Shifts in Wellbeing

Our young people deserve better. Overwhelmed, overstimulated and dangerously unhappy, some are white-knuckling their way through jam-packed schedules, online and offline social pressures, family problems, academic worries and financial instability. Others simply numb out. Unmanaged stress, isolation and obesity weaken the immune system and put us at greater risk for developing heart disease, chronic illness and debilitating pain. Because our current model of healthcare treats symptoms rather than addressing the…