Trapp and Company’s Leadership Creates a Legacy

Trapp and Company, the floral and interior design firm, turns 50 next year. Ask Bob Trapp, the company’s founder and president, how they did it, and he’ll point to his team members, some of whom have worked for him for decades.

Vice president and event director Ken Sherman has been with Trapp and Company for 40 years. Other mainstays include retail sales manager Steven Chester and head of interior design Daniel Houk.

“These three men will inherit the business,” Trapp said. “Without them, there wouldn’t be anything to inherit.”

This core team, along with comptroller Jeff Dobbie and more than two dozen other employees, have become family, Trapp said. “It’s important to surround yourself with people that appreciate you, understand your goals and support you.”

At a company driven by creativity, Trapp learned to heed this advice: “Keep good business people around you. Make sure you take care of the business part.”

The staff’s dedication to design, personal care and service has enabled the company to endure industry changes and succeed. Retaining knowledgeable long-term employees strengthens Trapp and Company’s customer service. They deliver attentive service specific to the needs and tastes of customers.

After nearly five decades, Trapp still enjoys his work. “To last, the business has to be a passion. I love coming to work and enjoy the people that work with me.”