Could You Find Your Next Employee on Social Media?

If you’re planning to hire in 2018 and aren’t using social media to attract terrific job applicants, now’s the time to start “social recruiting.” It’s the use of social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook to post job openings, find new talent and create connections.

Utilize LinkedIn Conversations

Follow, take part in and join groups that pertain to their specific industry or sector. Most of these conversations are about industry trends, yet you will start to see a pattern of potential candidates within these conversations that could be worth a second look.

Prove to industry professionals that you are more than just a recruiter by adding your unique perspective and professional experience on the topics being discussed. It’s an opportunity for you, the business representative, to prove yourself as an expert in the industry.

Use Social Media to Create Brand Image

Legacy brands sometimes have a tougher time adapting in the new age of connecting with potential candidates. Because these guys are slow to the social media game, they can miss out on great candidates. A simple YouTube video with employees talking about their experience within your company, its culture and why they continue to work there goes a long way. You still want to promote a positive and exciting work culture.

Get Employees Involved

Candidates are less likely to listen to HR professionals about how great it is to work for your company because of course they’re going to say it’s an awesome place. If possible, it’s even better to let your other employees spread the good word about your company.

At every level, your employees are the face of your company. Potential employees want to see how proud they are to work there. Encourage employees to keep their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles up to date with photos, detailed job title, skill set and more. Brighten these pages with a short summary about the company and their responsibilities—stand out and be fun. Sometimes less formal is key. Have a personality.

Complete Your Company LinkedIn Page

Create a LinkedIn Business Page so everyone can see your employees, recent news, mission and other important information about your company. Include a basic summary of the company and what your main products and services are. Add pictures and testimonials on why people like working there. Again, stand out.

What NOT to Do on Social Media

If you plan to use your social channels to attract new talent, keep the following things in mind.

  • Don’t be fake. Don’t post photos of offices that don’t look like your offices, of people who don’t work there and good times that aren’t being had. If you’re being dishonest just to attract talent, this will hurt your reputation and brand in the long run. Make sure your messages are also authentic and genuine, but have personality. Keep your brand standards intact in everything you do.
  • When you’re researching potential candidates, it’s easy to judge them based on their photos and what they post. But don’t judge too quickly. Although you might find something silly or off-putting, a candidate’s work experience and ability to benefit your company might outweigh all that.

As always, use discretion and keep an open mind. If you do that, you might just find the right person to add to your team.