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Is your office space bringing you down?

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Your office: Let’s talk about it. Is your current workspace truly optimized to inspire your team to greatness, and to keep them engaged and energized? Is it a place where both employees and the company as a whole will thrive? If not, you’re missing out. Big time!

Your physical workspace is a tool. Just like a phone and a computer help get the job done each day, your office environment plays a role in affecting your company’s overall performance. It contributes to your company culture, your level of employee engagement, your people’s physical and mental well-being and how you attract and retain top talent. It even plays a part in how innovative your organization is.

Ok, so maybe your space isn’t 100 percent perfect. You’re definitely not alone, and unless you’re getting ready to embark on building a new office space entirely, you may wonder what you can do to improve your current situation.

Don’t worry! Below are some easy things you can do to impact your team in a positive way:

Biophilic design

This may sound intimidating to some people, but I assure you, it’s not.

Biophilic design is the concept of bringing the outdoors inside through a variety of ways. Studies have shown that biophilia has a positive impact on your physical environment by helping to reduce stress and increase creativity and productivity. That’s powerful stuff!

One cost-effective way to incorporate biophilia into your space is to add plants. Yep, plants, people—plants!

Color theory

There is a ton of science behind the physical and psychological effects of color on energy levels, mood, productivity and creativity.

Thoughtful use of color is an easy way to gain these powerful benefits. Paint is a bold choice for maximum impact, but if that isn’t an easy option for you, look at ways you can incorporate color into your furniture or focus on the next item below.

Art scene

Artwork is an excellent way to incorporate color and texture into your space. (Pro tip: You can use it to include both color theory and biophilic design.) It’s also available for any budget.Seriously, even if you have zero dollars to spend.

Hook up with local artists and work a trade (Kansas City has an incredible amount of local talent). The artists get to display their pieces, and you get to look at gorgeous artwork every day. Then, host an artist showcase event for your employees and clients. That’s a win/win/win!

artistic office design



If there is a way to upgrade your office lighting, this can have a significant impact on productivity and happiness. Natural light is a preferred first choice, but existing perimeter offices might limit you.

LED retrofits are an excellent option if you have the budget; however, if the cost is an issue, then personal task lights are a fantastic alternative.


Invest in your people! For as little as $750/person in ergonomic tools—such as sit-to-stand, a proper task chair, keyboard tray or monitor arm—you can see some serious return on investment.

For example, by investing $750 in a $45,000/year employee, you can get a 300 percent ROI in the first year. Note, that’s using a conservative five percent increase in productivity. The median increase is around 12 percent. Proper training is critical; make sure to get everyone trained for maximum benefits.


Many companies have an empty office, unused conference room, or a handful of unoccupied workstations. You can repurpose these areas as casual lounge space or an impromptu collaborative area. Better yet, this can be a quiet place for your people to step away from their desks (or co-workers) and take time to recalibrate.

Studies show that taking as little as five minutes to practice mindfulness can help with physical and mental well-being. If you have unused space you’re paying for every month, this one is a no brainer. Give your employees a getaway where they can restore and refresh.

See how easy it can be? Now go forth and make some small changes that will lift your people up, not bring them down!

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