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Sheryl Nelson
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At On Point Business Administration, our purpose is to help businesses of all sizes get their ducks in a row. We do this by serving as outsourced chief administrative officer and taking care of the routine, behind-the-scenes details that are a necessary part of running a business. These critical responsibilities require expertise, time, and attention that business owners and their internal resources may not have.

With On Point as a trusted advisor dotting the I's and crossing the T's in the areas of corporate governance, risk management, compliance, contracts administration, HR administration, 401(k) governance, and records management, businesses can focus on their “why.”

Quick Facts
  • Taking care of business as your chief administrative officer
  • Decades of experience with attention to business details
  • Governance, compliance, HR, legal resource management, and more

Our founders were career business lawyers with a true passion and talent for helping businesses become healthy and thriving organizations. During those 25+ years, we saw first-hand the many business owners who were overwhelmed with the back office and business administration responsibilities that came with running a business, and who were frustrated that taking care of business was getting in the way of doing business. In some cases, these responsibilities would get done but only because income-generating activities were pushed aside. In many cases, the back office and business administration responsibilities went undone, making for sleepless nights and anxiety about the dangers that would be lurking.

It became clear that businesses needed a resource for getting their back office and business administration tasks done efficiently, consistently, and cost-effectively.

Enter On Point Business Administration. Taking Care of Business.


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