Social Apex

Social Apex: Marketing firm channels millennial enthusiasm

Founded in July 2018, Social Apex Media is a multimedia marketing agency that helps companies cultivate and distribute a personal brand across the digital landscape.

“Our specialty is translating and communicating business’ stories and qualities across the digital space,” said Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Sam Kulikov. “We want to convey a business’ personality and brand across any and all channels.”

The Social Apex team features what Kulikov calls a “wide and diverse array of talents,” so its members work with small companies and startups to finesse their team of Kansas City SEO experts, social media presence, advertisements, videography and other creative content.


One of Social Apex’s unique assets is its entirely millennial staff. Kulikov is 22, while his co-founders, Brandon Priest (COO) and Jake Bjorseth (Chief Growth Officer), are 22 and 19. CEO Mark Josey, formerly a corporate exec from Verizon and Sprint, also recently joined the executive team.

The group started Social Apex after struggling to find positions in the corporate world that fit their qualifications and creative visions. They wanted to create an environment for intergenerational collaboration and to channel the skill sets and enthusiasm they saw in fellow millennials.

“We’re really focused on helping our millennial workforce understand that the knowledge they have is valuable, and that it’s a meaningful way for them to create their own futures for themselves,” Kulikov said.


While the agency itself devotes its energy and resources to growing other businesses’ brands, Social Apex has experienced no shortage of growth itself. In less than a year, the company’s staff has more than quintupled in size and has already tackled almost 300 projects.

While its rapid development may be impressive, at its heart Social Apex remains a Kansas City-branded company, committed to best representing the creative spirit of KC businesses and startups.

“Everything we do is culture-focused; what things are changing every day, what trends are moving, listening to people in the city and what’s going on around us,” Kulikov said. “We still want to maintain that centralized presence, and to show that you can build a big business and still have an identity that’s set in your hometown.”

“You can still show your community that you really care about them.”