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Who’s Playing in the Sandbox?

Vol. 22 Issue 9

Post Categories: Digging Into the Sandbox, Success Stories, Web Exclusives

Some of the city’s most innovative companies are working with Digital Sandbox KC, the proof-of-concept center that helps early-stage ventures get their product or service ready for the marketplace. Here’s a quick rundown of the participating startups.

Pearl Leaves creates apps, games and eBooks to help patients remember to take their medication and stick with their daily medical regimen.

Trellie has developed a Bluetooth-enabled gadget that, when hung on the outside of a purse, lights up when they have an incoming call on their cellphone—which is usually buried somewhere inside the purse.

LimeLight Technologies has developed a software platform that helps users track livestock as it moves through the supply chain, from the ranch to the grocery store.

Angling Technologies has developed an interactive online fishing map and plans to use the underlying technology in other industries.

e-Beacons has developed a digital alert system for emergencies.

FormZapper has created LendingStandard, a document-management application that helps commercial real-estate lenders navigate the loan process more easily.

Prodigy Arcade develops online educational games to teach programming concepts to schoolchildren.

PlanetReuse Marketplace is an online marketplace where residential customers can buy reclaimed materials for construction and remodeling projects. has built an online platform where sports photographers can sell their work.

DivvyHQ has built an online, cloud-based calendar and scheduling service for marketers and other content producers.

Heart to Heart Network is developing a remote monitoring system that can help medical professionals check on patients when they’re at home.

Local Ruckus is an event calendar designed to promote local entertainment—and make it easier for venues to market their programs.