Thinking Bigger Business is a resource for growth-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners. The magazine offers both information and strategies for starting a business and improving business efficiency. It also provides a forum for recognizing and supporting the achievements of small business owners. Following are guidelines and matters of house style regarding articles written for Thinking Bigger Business.

Strategy articles

(i.e., those that appear in Technology, Finance, Health, Legal, HR, Sales/Marketing/Promotion, Contracting ):

  • Should be composed in second or third person (you or he/she/they), not first person (I/we)
  • Should be 600 to 700 words long
  • Should present practical “how to” guidance about the topic under discussion
  • Should avoid marketing-oriented, self-promoting verbiage referring to your own organization
  • Are enhanced by use of subheads
  • Do not generally use interview sources/quotes
  • Are best when they “cut right to the chase” and offer sound, hard-hitting advice
  • Using an example to illustrate a point is fine, but generally avoid recommending businesses, products and service by name (unless the assignment is a review or market comparison)

Why Contribute?

Our editorial staff works with subject matter experts who have an interest in reaching out to the small business community by educating and inspiring entrepreneurs. Our editorial content is published without remuneration from either side. (Thinking Bigger Business Media maintains a clear distinction between editorial content and advertising and sponsorships, which are handled by our advertising staff.)

All articles include an author bio, photo and contact information. With our circulation of 13,000 readers, your published article can raise your profile in the KC small business community and lend additional credibility to you as an expert. Writers should include a 1-2 sentence bio/professional credentials along with contact information (telephone number and email address) to appear at the end of the article. A high-resolution jpg photo of the author should be submitted along with the article.

Deadlines are generally two months preceding issue date (i.e., March 1st for the May issue). Articles and stories should be submitted electronically. All editorial inquiries and press releases should be directed to the Executive Editor (

We do accept unsolicited submissions; however, we suggest that anyone who is interested in writing an article submit via e-mail a one-paragraph summary of their idea.