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Business Administration

Taking Care of Business Like “Big Business”

Building a strong foundation for business when it comes to governance, compliance, and risk management isn’t just for Big Business. Taking Care of Business® is for every company regardless of head count, gross revenues, or life stage. Big Business understands the value of taking care of business, every day.  For SMBs, it’s sometimes considered optional. This isn’t because you don’t care. You might be focusing on sales and production efforts…

Business Administration

Are You Taking Care of Business?

“Why does running a business have to get in the way of doing business?” At On Point Business Administration, we’ve heard this from business owners countless times. They are frustrated with routine, but important, business administration efforts like governance, risk management and compliance. In the years that we’ve worked with business owners, there haven’t been many who enjoy taking care of every detail behind running their business. Let’s face it:…