Author: Aaron Reese

Customer Service

Smart Strategies: For expensive, complicated purchases, the bar is high for customer service

New car dealers bear more responsibility than nearly any other industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. Due to factors that increase stress and magnify the personal value of a vehicle purchase, car dealers must show unwavering patience and engage in transparent communication to ensure their customers have a positive experience. Anything less and complaints will follow. (more…)

Web Exclusives

Irreversible Sales Blunders that Destroy Trust

Sales representatives need not endlessly dwell on lapses in the service they provide nor spend an entire sales session bashing the products they wish to sell. However, to minimize the perception that they’re withholding vital information from the customer, salespeople must make clear the possibility of applicable additional fees, reasons the business may deny a repair or even why a repair might not work. Preparing customers for problems they could…