Author: Bryan Dancer

June 2021, Tech

Securing Your Business Under Increasing Cyber Threats

The most important thing we offer our clients is trust. They trust us with their mission-critical IT and communications services. And if we don’t do our jobs well, the ramifications can be significant for them. That is why I work every day to ensure our team focuses on delivering the best support and service we possibly can. This is especially relevant today. As you have seen in the news lately,…

April 2021, Tech

The Hackers Are Here. Are You Prepared?

We all know cybersecurity is a major threat today.  Do you know your small- or medium-size business is a primary target for hackers and why that is? Because it is a billion-dollar market with poor security protection and the lack of effective incident response plans. Criminals always look for the easiest path. As larger companies improve their defenses against cyber threats, small- and medium-size businesses have become low-hanging fruit for…

March 2021, Tech

Feeling Disconnected? You’re Not Alone.

At my company, we are experts in helping organizations simplify their IT and communications experience and enabling people to work remotely. Yet we dealt with all of the same pressures and issues you have faced over the last year. And for many of us, the change is going to last beyond the lockdowns. How do we continue to collaborate and operate efficiently to serve our clients? How to ensure our…