Author: Courtnay Bradley

April 2021, Expert Advice, Office Design

Office Re-Entry: Your Return to Work Playbook

Who’s ready for a triumphant return to the office? I know I am! While remote and flexible work options are here to stay, a growing number of businesses are working hard to formulate plans to bring employees back to the office safely.  Now that we are a year into shutdowns, pandemic fatigue has people ready to revolt, and global vaccinations are underway, the return to workplace conversations are getting more…

March 2021, Expert Advice, Office Design

Team Buildings: Inclusive Design for Stronger Workplaces

Team buildings? Nope, that's not a typo. We're diving into what inclusive design is, why it's important, and how to utilize it to create equitable workplaces, leveraging your building to give your organization a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What exactly is inclusive design? Diversity and inclusion have been hot topics of recent years, and the momentum around them is only getting stronger. Many business owners are wondering how to…

February 2021, Expert Advice, Office Design

Rethinking Corporate Wellness and the Remote Work Environment

If you follow me at all, you know I always make a point to talk about how the physical environment people work within directly impacts five things: culture, engagement, wellness, retention, and innovation. I probably sound like a broken record, and I often repeat myself because it's simple to control and easy to implement. Yet, there are still so many businesses that are not intentional about leveraging the built environment…

Expert Advice, January 2021, Office Design

The Reimagined Workplace: 2021 and Beyond

I frequently talk about how companies can and should leverage the built environment to impact their overall success. Workspace affects culture and engagement, employee health, wellbeing, and an organization's innovative nature. At no time has this discussion been of greater importance than it is right now. Until now, the term 'Workplace of the Future' has possessed an aura of unattainability. An almost ethereal idea of what could be. The past…

Office Design

Adaptive Design For Every Generation

It’s hard to wrap one's mind around the fact that there are currently five generations in today's workforce. Five! If you think about how much has changed in the modern workplace over the past 55 years, you can see how it presents a unique challenge for employers to manage their people effectively, and to offer a physical workspace that supports the needs of their team members, at any age. Creating…

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