Author: Nick Crosby

Device Repair, December 2021

What Is Asset Management and Why Does My Business Need It?

Like it or not, our daily lives are generally consumed by bits of digital information. Almost everything about us is captured in 1s and 0s that arrange in various combinations of eight to form bytes, and then kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and so on. These numbers, collectively termed data, are used to identify our bank accounts, arrange our schedules, send text and email messages, and capture digital images and video clips…

July 2021, Expert Advice

The Essentials for Bidding on Contracts

Providing all the information required in a bid process to win new business contracts can be daunting and time consuming. In addition, within restrictive bid formats, it can be frustrating trying to describe the full range of benefits your company offers. To make the bidding process a little smoother for you, here are some best practices learned from dozens of successful bids my company has submitted, starting with the three…

June 2021, Expert Advice

The New Norm in Consumer Buying: When, How and Who

I keep hearing the phrase “the new norm” in my networking groups, business articles and commercials. So from a business perspective, what is the new norm in each of our industries and services offered?  To frame this article, iResQ is a computer hardware repair depot with a nationwide customer base that has been in business for over 26 years. My focus here will not be the short- or long-term physical…

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